Offer your business employees a recreational activity that allows anyone to play!

Offer your business employees a recreational activity that allows anyone to play!

Over 43 million people play pool each year – and your employees are probably among them! The APA utilizes the Equalizer handicapping system that allows fair competition everyone can enjoy regardless of age, physical limitations, or athletic ability.

No Administration

APA Leagues offers the great benefit of no added paperwork! The local APA League Operator in your area will do all scheduling, maintaining records, handicaps, and purchasing awards at no cost to your company. The League Operator communicates directly w/ Team Captains not the business owner/manager regarding any League related issues.

Low Cost

APA members pay an annual membership fee of $25 plus a low per week League fee. You’ll find that other sports charge the same, if not more, for one session of play. Plus, teams do not have to invest in uniforms or equipment in order to play.


Pool is also safe. Poolplayers are seldom injured during play, so productivity in the workplace will not suffer due to injuries.

Year-Round Fun

The American Poolplayers Association offers three sessions per year: Summer, Fall & Spring. Your employees can participate in one session or all three for one low membership fee. The League Operator will maintain direct contact with Team Captains and go from session to session with no assistance needed from the business owner/manager other than to post fliers or emails regarding sign-up.


Your employees can play anytime, regardless of rain, snow, or heat!

The Richest Championships

The APA offers a $600,000 8-Ball World Pool Championship, a $200,000 9-Ball World Pool Championship, a $100,000 9-Ball Shootout, & a $300,000 8-Ball Classic Singles Championship. Your employees can qualify by playing weekly on an active team.

APA Member Benefits

APA members receive a complimentary subscription to The American Poolplayer, the most widely read publication in the billiards industry, which reports news about happenings in the world of amateur and pro billiards. The APA is the only amateur organization recognized and endorsed as the official “Governing Body of Amateur Pool.”

The APA also offers members discounts through companies such as Gateway Computers, TLC Laser Eye Care, Universal Studios, also various car rental companies, hotels and travel, flowers & gifts, and billiard supplies. A complete list of discounts can be viewed at

Also at, members can access information on just about anything from rules and formats to pictures and video, even on-site tournament coverage from our Championships in Las Vegas!